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Modern Artists and Social Media


Since the days of patronage ended for artists, they have had the burden of all contractors. They are now responsible for selling their own work. For some artists, this has been an easy journey. Other artists do not always find it a joy to manage their own sales programs. They must find a shop or gallery to display their works. If they cannot do that, then they must open their own shop. Social media has helped change the way modern artists display and sell their art.

There are many social media outlets for artists to create online interest for their art. Twitter, facebook and Pinterest are only a few. Artists can now have their own web sites as well. Each piece of art they create can be seen all over the world. They can gain a following or sell a single piece at a time through the electronic world.

While advertising online does not guarantee sales, it does help the artist create their own brand. They now have the ability to showcase their art for the general public without a brick and mortar store. This is an enormous savings of cost and time. It allows each artist who takes the time to learn sales techniques to spread the images of their works. Sales can be managed remotely through many sites.

Selling online is not always easy for artists. There are limitations in what an image and description can do to increase their sales. Fortunately, it does help the artist to become known for their works. Owning a small shop or being shown in a gallery are still methods that create sales. An artist must be able to do both online and gallery sales to compete in the world today. Learning both traditional methods and online savvy will assist any artist with getting their work known and sold.