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Modern Glass Art Sculptures

Glass Art

There are many techniques artists use when creating with glass. There are several different ways the pieces can be formed. One of the most widely used traditions is to mix glass and melt it in a crucible. Air is inserted into the middle of the glass by using a hollow tube. The artist blows into the tube and a central cavity is formed. Color is added to the glass as various tools are used to shape it. Blown glass art has been a staple for many centuries, but times have changed in this art form.

Art sculptures in the modern world are formed in many ways. Some may use blown glass as a starting point. Other methods include forming blocks of glass and sand blasting them as well as combining different pieces of glass into one sculpture. These methods produce art pieces that are astonishing and a beautiful addition to the world. They combine different colors and mediums together to form expressive pieces for viewers.

Working glass for artists is done in three main ways. These are called hot glass, warm glass and cold glass. Each method is named for the temperature of the glass while it is being formed into art. Hot glass requires a crucible to produce molten glass. Once the correct temperature has been achieved, the glass can be blown, hand shaped or poured into a mold. All of these are time-tested methods that have been used for many years. They produce some of the most beautiful glass in the world.

Warm and cold glass working methods do not require as much heat to be used. Warm glass is generally heated in a kiln, but the glass is kept at a temperature far below that of molten glass. It is usually used as a method to combine two or more pieces of glass into a sculpture. Cold glass methods include etching, grinding and sandblasting glass pieces to achieve the desired art piece.